Streamline processes and optimize key operational procedures to increase efficiency and productivity. The M-QUAL BPA and workflow automation process is custom built for your business. We start with a FREE workflow examination to gain an understanding of your daily operations, existing workflows, bottlenecks and other problem areas to draft a BPA proposal. Next M-QUAL delivers a workflow analysis report with recommendations for process improvement and issue mitigation through automation.

From developing custom software to improving and integrating existing systems, M-QUAL handles everything to get your automation solutions up and running. To make sure your business gets the most out of its new automation systems, M-QUAL provides post-deployment analysis and fine-tuning as well as ongoing user training.

Increase Process Speed & Accuracy
By automating routine and repetitive tasks manual delays, errors and omissions are significantly reduced thereby increasing process speed and accuracy.

Minimize Slowdowns & Redundancies
By interconnecting systems and streamlining procedures, slowdowns and redundancies stifling business growth can be minimized and even eliminated.

Lower Operational Costs & Improve Satisfaction
Through automation move employees from low-value tasks to more important work leading to higher employee satisfaction and better overall customer service.

Improve Security & Compliance
BPA provides for higher integrity when it comes to access and tracking, ensuring your data is secure and business processes meet government compliance requirements.


  • Workflow Automation - Computerize manual tasks based on business rules and processes
  • Custom Software - Web and enterprise applications built from the ground up
  • Database Development - Architected for your specific business needs and goals

M-QUAL is a Full Stack or Full Service Technology Provider

As your business grows we can address all your computer network and IT needs from setup, training and support through to custom web and application development, process and workflow automation as well as data analytics, insights and intelligence.

M-QUAL Expertise Includes Cybersecurity, Firewalls, VoIP, IaaS, Cloud, Big Data, HP Servers, SQL, MDX, Exchange, Office 365, ASP.NET, C Sharp