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Carbon Distribution Company Wants to Increase Productivity with New Computer Network


Ardmore based Carbochem Inc. wanted to increase their productivity and the security of their information and approached Philadelphia based systems engineering firm M·QUAL to help them. Carbochem was using a workgroup of individual computer workstations sharing resources using Windows folder shares. The email system consisted of each employee having Outlook on their computer connected to POP accounts provided by their Internet service provider. The issues with this system were:

 • No centralized directory to manage employee access to computers and resources making it hard to add and remove employees from the system and control system security.

 • Folder shares and shared documents were available to anyone who could gain access to the network which was very insecure.

 • There was no version control of shared documents so changes made by employees to documents was not being monitored and recovering a document that had been detrimentally altered was difficult.

 • Email files were stored on each employee's computer making it cumbersome to back up email and limiting an employee's email access to only one computer. This also made it difficult to share group email addresses that are used for receiving general company communications such as info@ and others.

 • There was no centralized company contact list.

 • There was also no company intranet for making general announcements to employees and keeping employees up to date on company happenings.

M·QUAL Computer and Internet Specialists Answer with a Windows Small Business Server 2008 Network

M·QUAL computer systems engineers use Microsoft's Windows Small Business Server 2008 to give Carbochem the robust, secure computer network they need. Small Business Server 2008 comes fully loaded to help small businesses create productive collaborative information systems:

 • Exchange Email System - Exchange is the Small Business Server component that handles company email as well as employee calendars, tasks and contacts. Using Exchange for email has many advantages including:

    ο Emails are stored in a database on the server making it easy to backup company emails.

    ο Exchange works seamlessly with Outlook making it easy to set up new email accounts.

    ο All employee emails, contacts, notes, tasks and calendars are stored on the server making the information available from any authorized computer, handheld device or via a secure company website.

    ο Executives can make their inboxes available to their secretaries who can then respond to email communications on their behalf helping to manage that line of communication.

A user with multiple inboxes

A user with multiple inboxes

     A user sending an email as a general company email address

A user sending an email as a general company email address


 • SharePoint Company Website - SharePoint is a Windows Server component that creates a secure and highly functional corporate websites that can be used to:

    ο Create organized document libraries where authorized employees can add documents and check-out documents for editing. Different versions of the documents are managed by SharePoint allowing employees to restore previous versions of the documents as needed.

    ο Set up a companywide home page for keeping employees informed about important events and announcements.

A sample of what a SharePoint intranet looks like

A sample of what a SharePoint intranet looks like


 • ActiveDirectory - This component of Windows Small Business Server is a database of all users with access to company computers. With this component in place it is easy to add and remove employees from the system and control what they have access to.


M·QUAL engineers managed the whole process of hardware procurement, software licensing, server configuration and migrating Carbochem from their old set up to the new set up. Every challenge was met with positive expertise and effectively addressed by M·QUAL resulting in a smooth changeover.

"I don’t ever want an M·QUAL client to be told that there is a problem, ours or another vendor's, that gets in the way of getting the job done. Our clients depend on us to manage everything, overcome all challenges to get the job done and by ensuring our engineers are well trained – we can do just that." – Yves A. Martin, Founder M·QUAL Computer and Internet Specialists.

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